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Jay S

“The project was to change a bedroom and small bathroom into a master bedroom with an integrated bathroom in our very old and unusual house. Other companies that we contacted were not interested in taking on this complicated project. However, Andrew and Marcos of Sageline Construction were enthusiastic about our project from the start and helped us refine our plans. They also worked closely with us on details such as light fixtures and bathroom accessories. It would be very difficult to find more talented and enjoyably people to work with than Andrew and Marcos. We will definitely hire them for our next project.”

Greg E

“Professional, honest and committed. I’d recommend Sageline to anyone.”

Dan W.

“Sageline Construction was friendly and courteous in their work, and flexible when the equipment (bathroom exhaust fan) that I wanted installed didn’t fit the hole where the smaller one had been. He showed attention to craftsmanship and was professional throughout the job. Price was very reasonable for the work I wanted done. I’d hire them again in a heartbeat!”

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